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Rock Lion is founded by a REAL Heavy-Speed-Thrash-Death-Black-Grind-Hardrockers music collector FOR real music collectors who value good quality and service for their products. I myself have experienced many times that the quality of records and cd’s I ordered or traded brought tears to my eyes once delivered. Rock Lion therefore works with an easy to understand and very accurate grading/quality system. As extra service we always put records in a plastic cover before sending them.

Rock Lion has obtained an Obscure Metal and Punk collection of records and 7" as a hobby in the past 32 years, but also normal Metal vinyl that's not very rare and don't forget the out of print cd's.

Our priority is trading and upgrading of the collection. Do you want to trade then send your list to:

If you want to be kept informed by mail, enter your e-mail address here:

Before you go and watch our huge supply take a look at the grading/quality page, so you are sure that you will get the quality you’re looking for!!!!

Have fun hunting for music.

Stay Heavy

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